Millenials Remember Their Favorite '90s Ad Jing
"The bottom line on this one is they need to leave this to the commanders in the field," Perry said. "Let's just say there's
CNN did many good segments on climate change throughout, but this was certainly not one of them. WATCH: Now, it's probably
I heard from one Republican source who said, "Where was Chris Christie?" In fact, saying that they made an effort -- apparently
It's 2014. We've got 58 percent public support. It's time to shift from "prohibition is bad" to "responsible marijuana use is normal." Please, NORML, don't let us down.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R), who now hosts CNN's "Crossfire," said "life was fine" when the planet was "dramatically warmer" during the age of the dinosaurs.
“Assume for a minute that we have the capacity to actually decide the planet’s temperature,” Gingrich said. “What kind of
Two recent low-budget productions demonstrated the trickiness of trying to wrestle a complicated story filled with complex characters into a manageable format that can hold its audience's attention while keeping to a reasonable time frame.
We are clarifying the policy and making it clear Newt Gingrich is not in violation. The policy: If a Crossfire co-host has
Rick Perry and Martin O'Malley face off in Obamacare brawl
Jones fans hope he will not compromise his stance on controversial issues for the sake of the show's ratings and approval. But they'll just have to keep their fingers crossed. It's too early to put such pressure on Jones.
I guess it was done this way to get both hosts in a single shot, but as the show went on, CNN deployed these stark and uncomfortable
CNN's revived "Crossfire" managed to top MSNBC in a key ratings category and grow the network's audience from the year before
At the end of the half hour, Gingrich tossed to Erin Burnett — a bit of a different scenario than the days when that task
CNN is moving up the premieres of "Crossfire" and "AC360 Later" to Monday, September 9. The new lineup was originally scheduled
CNN announced a series of changes to its schedule on Tuesday, adding new hours for Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer and giving
CNN has hired David Chalian to be supervising producer of the “Crossfire” revamp, according to tweets sent by network talent
The gun lobby has been enriching gun manufacturers at the expense of our children's safety for far too long. For years the National Rifle Association has blocked the truth and actively fought against the passage and enforcement of gun safety laws.