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When it comes to politically active nonprofits, there are those that bend the rules, and there are those that seem to flout them entirely. One group, above all, is a member of the latter set: a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization called Carolina Rising.
Still kicking Other ads, however, didn't reference a particular bill, but called on listeners and readers to contact Sen
Outside groups that can raise and spend unlimited money -- sometimes without disclosing the sources of their funds -- make up a larger portion of election spending than at any point in the last 16 years, by far.
The IRS took five years to review the Crossroads GPS application for nonprofit social welfare status. This seems very odd since most Americans would need only five minutes to determine that such a group is about politics, not social welfare.
Secret money flowed through multiple groups to aid Tillis, McConnell.
Its largest grant in 2012, $26.4 million, went to Americans for Tax Reform, an anti-tax group run by Grover Norquist that
During a presidential year with substantially higher turnout, Hagan more than likely would have been re-elected. When she won her first Senate term in 2008, Hagan outperformed Barack Obama in North Carolina by over 100,000 ballots, leading the statewide ticket with 2.25 million votes.
While big donors like Tom Steyer and the Democratic Party insiders running Democratic-leaning outside spending groups might not be celebrating over it now, big money -- even losing big money -- matters in Washington.
Say a fond farewell to the 2014 Seinfeld campaign. Unfortunately, it probably won't be the last corrupt big money-dominated campaign about absolutely nothing.
Udall, Sept. 6 debate: I said last week that ISIL does not present an imminent threat to this nation, and it doesn’t. I sit
This dark money spending -- so-called because it is not covered by federal disclosure rules meant to inform the public of
"Grants are accompanied by a letter of transmittal stating that the funds are to be used only for 501(c)(4) exempt purposes
A $10 million donation seems like a hefty amount of cash for the average political donor. As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, Crossroads
In Iowa, the American Future Fund continues to operate as a front for whomever has the funds. It received $750,000 from the
"After several months of ads that you helped to fund to remind citizens about her record in support of big spending and support
It offered a stark picture of how women view the Republican Party as a whole. Women are "barely receptive" to the party's
We all remember the childhood story of Pinocchio and the valuable life lesson it taught us about the importance of telling the truth. I've repeated the same story to my own children in hopes that a growing nose may dissuade them from lying. Unfortunately, the Pinocchio story doesn't seem to have impacted the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or Crossroads GPS.
Republicans are seizing upon the growing scandal enveloping the Department of Veterans Affairs to attack President Barack
A group backed by Republican strategist Karl Rove is investing more heavily in this year's midterm elections with a nearly