An 8-year-old girl who’s been feeding crows for years is finding they’re leaving "gifts" for her.
Multi-step puzzles can be difficult for humans, but what if I told you there was a bird that could solve them on its own
Literature has been immensely successful at painting ravens and crows in an ominous light, but the amazing video above might
Don't let anyone tell you not to do you, crow. (via DPAF)
Elizabeth Little traveled thousands of miles, chronicling her encounters with Navajo, Quileute, French, Gullah, Basque, Haitian Creole, and Spanish people. In this interview, she offers tips for other language road-trippers.
The researchers compared the arrangement of these melanosomes with those of modern birds. When melanosomes are stacked neatly
When Irina Kom parts the exotic pink and gold silk curtain to reveal her living room-cum-bedroom-cum-dance studio, the incense refreshes the senses like a walk in a spring shower.