crowd sourcing

Former intelligence collector and engineer, Elana Duffy, is crowd-sourcing reintegration.
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Kind strangers have send hundreds of cards to Kurt Haupt.
A: I think the main result of Apple's confrontation with the FBI is that manufacturers are going to stop putting anything
A: Every day our automated software goes through the more than 95 million reviews that have been submitted to Yelp to select
Idaho, the subject of one of Josh's most well loved songs, is a place he visits often to visit his family. His lyrical prose
When it comes to designing essential brand elements, such as a logo and website, start-ups and small businesses today can either create their own or hire someone to do it for them.
It's not that data-collecting services don't have dark risks for personal privacy. Everyone knows that. But now that everyone knows that, what's it worth to you to take that risk?
In the past few years more than 80 innovative startup companies as of April 2015 have been valued at more than $1 billion. With the most innovative and those with the most potential reaching well beyond this mark.
Crowd sourcing and crowd funding are demonstrating the wisdom of crowds by allowing individuals essentially to vote by solving with their wallets and pocketbooks. Why not allow the crowd's wisdom to inform a team in the managerial process as well?
I've made 25 films in which I've done funny, I've done dramatic and conceptual and beautiful. In this film, I wanted to go for something I hadn't tried -- joyous. And I hoped to do that in a celebration of humanity.