Crowdfunding is the latest gift-giving trend where you can raise small amounts of money from your friends and family and use it towards something special. CEO of Honeyfund and Plumfund, Sara Margulis talks about what you need to know before you start your own crowdfund.
Despite the success and opportunity presented by crowdfunding, the industry still faces multiple challenges. These are at
Much of the news coverage of Lessig has treated him more as a concept than as an individual. Even if his bid is a long-shot, he is breaking all the political rules, and he might just make an impact. Voters should know who he is and what he wants to do.
Everyday the crowdfunding industry is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. Through crowdfunding, individuals can utilize the power of the crowd to start a business, bring a product to market, produce a record, and even fundraise for amazing causes.
A portion of the donation will be used to help Robbie, according to Foxton Center's statement. Harrison-Bentzen told BBC
For transgender people, who face employment discrimination, anti-trans health insurance policies and a bevy of other financial hurdles, "coming out" can come with a price tag.
Craig MacDonald, an elementary teacher from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is getting the helping hand he deserves. Vinson wrote on
Did Zach Braff ruin crowdfunding for you? Well, it's time to get over it, because there are plenty of truly independent artists
What would we think about serial entrepreneurs or Internet highflyers usurping the microcredit space to launch their businesses? Wouldn't it suck the oxygen out of the room and leave the grain farmer or village tailor stranded? That is essentially what is happening with crowdfunding.
Make sure your pitch clearly demonstrates your project, key selling points and what makes it unique. Videos should clearly