As a woman in between, I was invigorated. I am at an age in between my mother, Karen, who shared this event with me and my
Share, volunteer, and talk: There are so many ways to be helpful that don't involve money.
Speaking in Soccer We soon discovered that there were so many more kids just like her...just normal, everyday kids. They
Folks, I do some work to support orgs helping out service members, veterans, and their families. I figure it's the least
Folks, the Veterans Charity Challenge kicked off a few weeks ago. This is a great opportunity to support nonprofits supporting America's heroes. It's our 4th year hosting the Challenge, and we've already raised more than 44 percent more money than last year -- this is a really big deal.
It is near 5:00 a.m., and the sun has started its push up over the east side of Mt. Shasta, directly opposite the 13-person group of climbers on the southwest slope. The sun so obscured, the light is a blue gray, with clouds all around save for a miles-wide clearing.
“I’m celebrating my 30th birthday today, not with my friends toasting over champagne or dancing until dawn, but with 30 women I’ve just met in Ethiopia."
The Challenge starts May 25th and is a great opportunity for orgs of all sizes to raise money and get exposure for their
"We suspect that some millennials...may feel a much greater affinity for supporting researchers from their ranks."
I want to put clean drinking water into the hands of every person who's in Flint, Michigan. I actually spent about a decade living not too far from Flint, so this really hits close to home for me.
"If we don’t welcome people like this into our communities ... then we’re not the country we tell ourselves we are."