crude oil exports

Should we go to trial, many of us will be arguing we did this out of necessity, in order to prevent a far greater looming evil -- of being incinerated in our sleep, of doing nothing to stop this deadly fossil fuel cargo while hundreds of thousands of people die each year from floods, disease, malnutrition, and heat stress due to climate change.
Overcoming its "oil addiction" may prove to be exceptionally difficult for the world's largest oil exporter.
A document published by the Public Relations Society of America, discovered by DeSmog, reveals that from the onset of its public relations campaign, the oil industry courted mainstream media reporters to help it sell the idea of lifting the ban on crude oil exports to the American public and policymakers.
The sweeping agreement will lift a ban on crude oil exports and permanently fund a 9/11 health program.
The 40-year-old embargo is "the only major outstanding issue."