cruel and unusual punishment

The unchecked use of excessive force against Alabama prisoners violates their rights under the Constitution's Eighth Amendment, the Justice Department finds.
U.S. cities have struggled over the years with how to address the issue of homelessness.
The latest case comes from California, where 743 people wait on death row.
Commentary on Brooker's ordeal has focused exclusively on the shockingly harsh punishment for such a relatively minor non
The electric chair has already been declared cruel and unusual punishment by two death penalty states.
Under the Constitution, those sentenced as minors to mandatory life imprisonment without the possibility of parole may get a new day in court.
Kansas hasn't executed anyone in 50 years. Will it start now?
A 2016 execution date for a murder that happened in 1979. I mean, what's the point? None of the reasons we punish hold true here.
State officials in New York are reforming their policy of keeping people convicted of non-violent offenses in solitary confinement. Some hail the decision; others, including corrections officers, object, saying that solitary confinement is necessary to maintain control, and they say that keeping an individual in solitary confinement is not inhumane.