All around the country students are heading back to the hallowed halls. For most people thoughts of returning to high school is anxiety inducing but seeing these famous uniforms almost makes us wanna go back.
In today's world music is almost always mentioned with the word streaming somewhere nearby; Apple's new streaming service, Spotify, Pandora, its' all something to be thumbed up or downed, choices made by algorithms based on listening habits. It's downloads and viral streams, YouTube, Soundclouds and ringtones.
Brad Everett Young is a mixture of excited, tired, and a little overwhelmed. The Los Angeles based photographer has been awake for over 24 hours. Why you ask? Young was invited to photograph the after-party of the musical "Cruel Intentions."
And this isn't the only reunion Gellar has had lately. Over the weekend, the actress reunited with her former "Buffy the
I was living my life within the confines of a teaching career. And at that moment I knew Kim had greatness in her soul. She
I interview Ryan Phillippe, director and star of the self-satirizing thrillerCatch Hell, about Clint Eastwood, why you should never sleep with a cop's girlfriend, why comedians get away with murder, and why hedge fund people don't care that you're a movie star.
7. "Police Academy: The Series," 1997-1998 Film Inspiration: "Police Academy," 1984 (and subsequent film sequels) In light
Not only was Ryan Phillippe 25 years old when he shot the film (Sarah Michelle Gellar was 22), but Selma Blair (naive freshman
Pause: Amy Adams was in "Cruel Intentions 2"? Longer pause: There was a "Cruel Intentions 2"? Long before Amy Adams was scoring
How you see the world is at the heart of Instagram, turning it into the digital version of high school, complete with its own cliques and cast of characters.