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It seems Americans just aren't that into cupcakes. Fifty-eight percent of poll respondents said cupcakes are "somewhere in
Crumbs will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to the Chicago Tribune. Lemonis told the Los Angeles Times
Lemonis, who is working with an investment group, told the New York Daily News that the plan is "not fully baked yet" but
Crumbs was one of the first gourmet cupcake chains, and it exploded quickly. The shop offered a variety of flavors at a high
And that's the way the cupcake crumbles -- at least according to the Wall Street Journal. Citing Crumbs Bake Shop's dropping stock market value (under $1.40 a share today from a high of $13 a share in mid-2011) and announcement that this year's sales would be down 22 percent from earlier forecasts,the Journal makes the bold claim that the gourmet cupcake market is crashing.
WASHINGTON -- And that's the way the cookie cupcake crumbles -- at least according to the Wall Street Journal. Citing Crumbs
If you have had the good fortune of not only getting a scrumptious cupcake, but also having a coffee at Crumbs, you would have experienced close to the best coffee on the planet... in my humble opinion.
Crumbs Bake Shop, the infamous East Coast cupcake spot, is making a new home right here in Chicago. The bakery known for
These frosted retro desserts experienced a renaissance in Los Angeles when Candace Nelson opened her first Sprinkles Cupcakes
"Did they really think cupcakes were different than cake?" the world will ask after the cupcake market implodes. "Why did
We're all in this together. While it may be annoying to go back to your car to grab your reusable bag, or bring your own mug with you to Starbucks, think about what our world could be like if EVERYONE did it.