Are you accidentally cheating your ab workout?
As we get older, our bodies continually change. We need to be aware of these changes, and adopt our exercise program to avoid injury. Avoiding these select exercises may help keep you healthier longer.
The same exercises that deliver firm, flat abs to my postnatal clients have also worked wonders to help my male clients -- including athletes and body builders -- to repair separated abs for tighter six-packs and narrower waists.
The Answer: Sadly, there's no such thing as spot reducing fat (short of, say, liposuction). You could do crunches until the
Take a second to think about your gym routine. Got it? Now, I bet you feel pretty good about the fitness moves that you've incorporated -- you're hitting the big muscle groups, and plus, these moves are so popular that they have to be effective. Right? Wrong.
Be sure to crunch on a ball with the same form you would use for a regular crunch. Avoid curving the spine or pulling on
The Faux Pas: The biggest problem is curving your spine, Romaniello tells The Huffington Post, which puts strain on the neck
Ultimately, there are better ways than crunches to get a flat stomach. Here are my top 10 crunch alternatives that will avoid back pain and burn many more calories than crunches.
But there’s way more to core training than the abdominals (and getting a flat tummy), says Dena Stern, personal trainer and
Countless people already hit the weights on a daily basis, though some may be doing more harm than good.
So should we nix this move from our workout routine? One expert says, at the very least, we can cut back on them: Gretchen