crying baby

How heartbreaking is listening to your baby cry in the car?
10. Remember time is your best friend. This one was hard for me to believe as one problem turned into the next throughout
The very first pediatrician that saw my kids changed my life. He taught me, and my husband, this trick when we first met, and I can assure you that it works.
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact HuffPost Parents He's got this down to a science. Babies have been known
Although this video was uploaded in 2012, it still makes us so happy. When her cries turn into screams, Wells jumps right
It's been less than a month since Mary Lynne Leroux -- better known as the emotional baby who reacted to her mom's singing
IS THAT EVEN YOU?? Without a beard, it's impossible to know. Poor baby... it'll grow back! (Via Asuperchicken)
Remember that scene in Dumbo where he's a baby and his mother is rocking him in her trunk and everyone is crying, especially me? That scene wrecked me. Years of therapy can't remove that image from my memory and it wasn't even real.