What does entrepreneurship mean to you, and what underlying characteristics do you see in successful entrepreneurs? If you
Before joining Reddit, Marty Weiner was best known as the founding engineer of Pinterest. Marty is the first CTO in Reddit's
When we stretch ourselves outside of our own confidence, when we are willing to live on the edge of our ability, there is an energy, a drive that isn't present within the confines of a safe life.
Last September, Mayor Bill de Blasio named Minerva Tantoco as the New York City's first ever Chief Technology Officer. Tantoco
I agree that to truly activate change, we must inspire the next generation and we must inspire each other.
Business leaders interested in the future of enterprise technology should stop thinking of "the cloud" as a noun and start thinking about "clouding" as a verb.
Exceptional leaders systematically and pragmatically go against the status quo. They thrive in counter intuition. As technology commoditizes, the herd gets larger and larger, so go in the opposite direction.
Harper Reed. Mate, the man elected a president. Not sure what else there is to say.
Universities are a prime breeding ground for cutting edge technology, and, in the best cases, entrepreneurs can find ready and willing prototypes that have stood the test of research and benefit from thousands of dollars of grant funding already put to use.
But now, even that money-saving hobby has become a game of economic one-upmanship. I realized that when I heard about a new
Canarsie Park in Brooklyn now has bragging rights to a regulation-sized cricket pitch.
This job has a very broad and I believe critical mandate, Indeed, according to a white house description of the job the CTO
Several governments around the world have successfully adopted mobile technologies to deliver important services and improve constituent communication. Their success should serve as models for Obama.