Cub Scouts

For the first time the organization’s 108-year-history, the Boy Scouts of America is changing its name to be gender neutral ahead of allowing girls to join.
"When I was finally forced to be a boy... I survived by surrounding myself with women."
He gained wonderful friendships, and learned that he can do certain things like ride a bike, build a car or rocket, speak in front of others and learn responsibility.
"Reese made threatening motions toward the children, who he yelled at them to leave. Reese got within about five feet of
For all of the good that scouting did for me, I don't want to have either of my sons participate in a club that actively excludes people. I hope to teach my kids love and integrity and not to judge others, which is something they cannot learn from scouting as it stands.
Where else do boys get to do so many things, in such a positive way, with their parents? There are many opportunities out there for boys, but relatively few that provide such a well-rounded, positive, and generally non-competitive atmosphere on a regular basis throughout the year.
Without frightening them, I believe we need to educate our children about the larger global problems we face, as well as to empower them to do something about it. I want them to understand that even the smallest action can have profound repercussions.
I was only married a short while when I realized something was wrong with me. It happened when I heard myself mumbling obscenities as I pushed the vacuum, powered entirely by resentment.
It was bad enough emptying the drawers of his antique bureau when he went off to college. In a fog of reminiscence I bagged his old Cub Scout necktie; a clip-on bow tie; a handful of yellow BBs for his air gun; several single socks; a beanie from Africa; never-used heat bulbs from our long-deceased Bearded Dragon Lizard; and a T-shirt with the date of a spring concert in middle school.
On Feb. 6, the Boy Scouts of America cited "the complexity of the issue" in opting to hold off on deciding whether to ease
I can still tie a clove hitch, but unless BSA enshrines non-discrimination as a "value" of scouting as a start to a large discussion about the place of scouting in the 21st century, I can't be proud of much else for all my years with Akela.
Helping Angel is hoping to be sponsored by a national store like Walmart or Home Depot, but the organization needs to pick
I want to say that I'm still living at home, because I'm in a gap year after college. That I'll be leaving soon and moving across the country with the girl I love and pursuing my dream. But because he doesn't ask me anything, I don't ask Stephan what he is doing now either.
After leaving the Boy Scouts, I felt betrayed by their anti-gay policy. The policy was contradicting the other values taught by the Scouts about respecting others and their beliefs. And even though I felt the Boy Scouts taught many important values, this was one I did not want to support.
"Hopefully, because people know the money is going for charity, it will go up even faster in the future," he said. The tradition
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While most children think of October as the time of the year when they get to spend one night amassing a year's worth of
Isn't Zachary the sort of child that Delaware's Zero tolerance policy was put in place to protect? And aren't his parents just the kind we want to support and respect?