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President Obama's address to a group of specially selected and invited representatives of Cuban civil society, which we saw on television, is a gem of political craftsmanship which ought to be studied in our university communication courses and Communist Party political schools.
Air travel and sending mail are just two things that have gotten easier since Obama and Castro agreed to resume diplomatic relations.
Mexico: President Enrique Peña Nieto's government released another positive statement, saying the move was a step forward
Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro finally weighed in on the death of his ally Nelson Mandela, in a “Reflection” that addresses
Cuba's municipal elections for delegates to the People's Power are now getting underway again. The atmosphere would be similar to that of any other country during the period of nominating local representatives, if not for one crucial details.
So far in 2012, Raul Castro has given very few signs of industriousness in office. If we count the hours he has appeared in public, the speeches he's made, and the trips he's taken... we have to conclude that his productivity is extremely low.
In parallel with the tendency to confront our pressing problems from multiple angles, there is also a current that feeds the rejection of the other.
When you are Pope Benedict XVI, all roads do lead to Rome. Some just take a detour by places like Miramar, Cuba, where Fidel Castro lives.
How many telephones do you think are listened into by the political police? I asked a man who once worked for state intelligence and who now is just one more private citizen.
Younger exiles show less interest in Cuba and are more engaged in national issues, Democratic pollster Sergio Bendixon says