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12. Always have some change in your pocket for tips. Wages are low and in Cuban pesos. You have to tip in CUC. I felt uncomfortable
This is the Cuba we've been dreaming of.
By refusing to hear an appeal filed by Delaware-based General Cigar Co Inc, the high court left intact a ruling in favor
With the recent news that we're opening up relations with Cuba, Larry Wilmore's "Nightly Show" put together some important
The New York Daily News got a little punnier with a photograph of Castro smoking a stogie under the headline "Close But No
The ethics of buying goods made by low-paid workers in lousy conditions in a totalitarian regime is your business, of course
Raki is a strong, anise-flavored spirit known for turning milky white when combined with water, leading to its nickname, "Lion's
When I heard rumors about Jay-Z and Beyonce heading to Cuba, I was feeling pretty confident about my trendy choice to go that way. But then I bagged Cuba, and booked a flight to Vienna, Austria, home of the Lipizzaner stallions and Wienerschnitzel.
Beyond commercial or even medical considerations, the truth is that the image of the old Cuban man with a puro between his lips is becoming a thing of promotional posters and commercial advertising.