The official Cuban press has tried to approach the country's reality in recent years. Several young faces appear on TV programs to report on administrative negligence and poor services. But even still, state journalism continues to be a long way from objectivity and respect for the truth.
Calling for austerity while living in opulence has been common practice for Cuban leaders for more than half a century. Demands to "tighten one's belt" are brandished about by officials with fat necks and ruddy faces, who for decades haven't known what a refrigerator with more frost than food looks like.
Calling for austerity while living in opulence has been common practice for Cuban leaders for more than half a century. This contradiction undoubtedly annoys those who have to divide rationed bread with family, or cleverly cut up a bar of soap so it will last for several weeks.
A crowd was waiting outside the mansion in Vedado with a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the garden. The language school opened its doors to new registrations and in the days that followed tested the attitudes of those interested.
The language of diplomacy, although distant and calculated, gives us a glimpse of changing times. I remember that for years I could predict every word foreign presidents would utter once they arrived in Cuba.
Exhausted from imagining a distant future that could be delayed five years or a decade, we no longer want to even predict the coming week.
The El Chupi Chupi video has been nominated for a Lucas Prize, but it was categorized as "horrible" by the president of the Cuban Music Institute. Fans of the composer don't know if he will remain in the competition and the media has almost stopped airing the song.
We are in transition, something seems to be on the verge of being irreparably broken on this Island, but we don't realize it, sunk in the day-to-day and its problems.
For decades in Cuba a market in housing was prohibited and it was only possible to exchange properties through a concept popularly known as a "swap."
In the preparations to leave the country, at the end of a relationship, there are people who try to control the smallest details; to draw up those limits that oblige the ones they leave behind to follow their path. Castro is one of those people.
I was just a baby in the arms of my militia mother when Fidel Castro traveled to Libya in the spring of 1977.
The Draft Guidelines for the Communist Party's VI Congress is a good exercise to sharpen our senses, a model example to evaluate the practice of speaking without speaking, which is what state discourse is here.
The term "revolutionary" has a different meaning in the Cuba of today than we would find in any Spanish language dictionary.