Cuban exile

The Cuban people have not had a meaningful say in their country’s future.
Last Thursday I was in Havana without leaving Madrid. Thanks to the guitar of Boris Larramendi I took a little hop to the Island.
The topics discussed at its annual book club gatherings varied from how Cuba won its independence from Spain to its early
I've asked myself many times what led and so many other people in the world to see Cubans inside and outside the Island as two separate worlds. How was it that a government, a party, a man in power, claimed the right to decide who should claim our nationality and who should not?
How did we allow one ideology, one party, one man, to have felt the "divine" power to decide who could or could not carry the adjective "Cuban"?
The sad history of Bebo Valdés is that during his entire time as an émigré, he was erased from the repertoire of Cuban culture in the national media -- until the worldwide success of Lagrimas Negras, a record the Cuban musical censors could not bury.
“I am a big fan of mango, papaya, and guava,” Romney answered. Well of course he's a fan of papaya, it is a superfruit after
t was unfortunate for me to learn about Rubio defending Arizona's "papers, please" law, but now birthers and nativists are asking his family to show their papers. What it amounts to is that at the end of the day Rubio is just like the rest of us.