Cuban Missile Crisis

Diplomatic proposals succeed only when they satisfy the vital interests of each party to a conflict.
We should not delude ourselves with the assumption that peace is the natural state of mankind in our age.
"I feel like the threat is as real to everyone else as it is to Guam."
Soon enough, President Trump will confront an economic, military, or constitutional crisis — or provoke one. Already we see
The President backed off, but his views on press irresponsibility festered. This informed his decision to try to kill those
Have the U.S. public and media adopted, with insufficient evidence, a demonization of Putin? It's easy to do. Russia is the
The moderators at the next presidential debate must therefore put these issues front and center. We need a Commander in Chief who not only has the temperament to handle the challenges of the nuclear arsenal, but also one who understands what it's all about.
Trump's major supporters had advised him -- since his self-destructive rants in August -- to avoid just this sort of conduct
I'm not a psychologist, but after watching Donald Trump's thirteen-month presidential campaign, it certainly appears that he is unhinged.
If future generations are to have a decent future -- or perhaps any future at all -- human civilization as a whole will have to meet something of the same challenge as Europe first began to meet nearly 70 years ago.
I saw my president and his family land at the Cuban airport Sunday night and step off onto Cuban soil. Even the need for umbrellas, because of the driving rain, did not blur my television view.
Sunday, February 8, was another day. So it meant another North Korean threat. That was the thrust (pardon the expression) of the long-anticipated launching of a "satellite" by North Korea that took place last week. Sort of.
I'm writing this as we await the final draft of the Paris agreement on global warming. I'll leave till next time how an Oxygen Tax can rationalize whatever arrangements they come up with. Right now, honestly, I'm too tense, too struck at the consequence of this moment.
The book takes a particularly hard look at the role of the media in issues of war and peace, describing much of the mainstream media as "cheerleaders for war" that "have too often been a mouthpiece for politically motivated government propaganda."
While America has vacillated between distraction and disinterest when it comes to Asia, a Rising China has quietly seized the opportunity to seize territory and expand its influence and power - and thereby nudge history in its favor.
The report that Cuban troops had deployed to Syria to drive Russian tanks in support of the Syrian government swept across conservative social media like a firestorm earlier this month after the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies posted it, citing no sources whatsoever.
The thing about a vacation with a baby is that it's not like those vacations you had before, in Jamaica, Paris, the British Virgin islands, Rome and London, where you slept in, drank booze, and did what you wanted, when you wanted.
As horrifying as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were, the quantum leap forward in destructive power afforded by the hydrogen bomb made our situation far more perilous. We've been fortunate that virtually unthinkable destruction has not ensued since the nuclear arms race of the 1950s.
MOSCOW -- Apparently, the Kremlin thinks that deploying 40 new ICBMs will somehow improve its image, just as the Soviet Union once used the same missiles in a misguided attempt to make itself more attractive.
For the first time since 1956, an American President has held substantive discussions with a Cuban head of state. The world is now poised for Barack Obama's next Orwellian gambit: Removing Cuba from Washington's list of state sponsors of terrorism.