Sangjun Chon, Jeux Des Image 4, 2015, Pigment prints, 26" x 36" Edmund Ian Grant, Tossin' Dem Bones, 2013, Acrylic on canvas
You could certainly argue that Willem de Kooning was a discombobulator—an Abstract Expressionist Discombobulator—but the
Architecture has a long history of geometric inspiration and aesthetics (besides the obvious mathematical connections with engineering), going back at least to ancient Greece and the infusion of classical geometric shapes like squares and circles into their structures.
Her positivity could be a result of a childhood spent roaming around Hawaiian islands. It could be a culmination of a post college, mind-altering, backpacking trip through Europe and the immediate triumph of the harsh corporate world following.
The result is all on the end of your fork, where each bite impresses.
Reading Tolstoy in bed. Exercising on a sea foam green mat. Enjoying pizza and beer with old friends. These are the humdrum
Turovsky, who was born in 1961 in Kiev, Ukraine, emigrated with his family to New York City, making a brief stop in Rome, in 1979. I recently had the opportunity to ask Turovsky a few questions about his art.
2. "Guernica" 6. "Standing Female Nude" (via Giphy) 7. "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch" On a fine day like today, 133 years ago
#2: Buy a cork board from your own money and hang it in the break room. Put up a note with a famous quote or saying, and replace it with a new one every single day.
The artist has been testing the limits of the collage medium for over thirty years, spending the last ten on a particular
"It came out of the work I was making in my studio looking at the makeup of the models during my photo sessions and being
The show operates on several different levels. In 21st century terminology, it is a mashup of history, psychology and art.
With these pleasant reminders of the past and the present and their connections to contemporary inventiveness, I've had the unexpected and pleasurable experience of seeing great classic works within reach, up close and friendly.
While some works invite you to step up and take a closer look, the thrill of the space between, Warren Rosser's current exhibition at Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art in Kansas City, is standing back and allowing the eye to absorb it in full.
The Selling of "The Scream" Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz Lister's works toy with the way we see and digest images; even
It's impossible to nail down my favorite parts of Prague in one post, so I thought I'd focus on my favorite examples of architecture and design in the city: Cubist, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
Americans responded to the art in the Armory Show with excitement, confusion, and dismay. Some members of the press called the exhibition's Gallery I, with its European modernist works, a "Chamber of Horrors."
McWilliams is looking at ordinary cement, rebar, polyurethane and debris, but he's using paint and saturated color to understand it.
Chagall made a name for himself by blending techniques of Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism and Russian Christian artistic tradition
We are thinking of you today, Mr. Chagall. Thank you for your poetry! In honor of Marc Chagall's birthday, we are revisiting