Back in the 1970s, some fine church-going folks in my home state of California did much the same as their charismatic preacher
Hold your ponies! Aren't some new religions harmful, hateful, distasteful, and downright wacky? Yes. And therefore 'cult
Narcissism is a strange package that includes ambition, grandiosity, insecurity, shallowness of emotion, lack of empathy
The new documentary "Holy Hell" shows the rise and fall of Buddhafield.
In the search for 'what makes young people vulnerable to radicalization', there are many push pull factors we can consider: home life, culture, politics, religion, criminality, social ills and the very children themselves - what on earth is wrong with them?!
The Path features a group of people who are part of a smallish "movement" (read: "cult", I guess) who do lots of good things
Beyond exploiting human desire for emotional comfort, cult leaders don't always have the best intentions when it comes to the mental health of their followers.
In 1967, Charles Manson loosely organized a group of followers under what came to be called the Manson Family. Though not
Victor Barnard is awaiting extradition to the U.S. for multiple sex crimes.
My cousin died in November 1978 in the Jonestown Massacre, the largest mass murder/suicide in American history. Gene Chaikin was a lawyer for Jim Jones and Peoples Temple.
So many of us are walking around with a judge and jury in our heads. We don't believe that we're enough as we are. Instead, we're putting ourselves on trial, and the "verdicts" leave us feeling unworthy and isolated. But what happens when we embrace freedom, even though we're afraid? It's revolutionary.
Galante's latest novel, The Invisibles, is for adults. It was published yesterday. Here, Galante opens up about her past, her banned book, and why we are always in a process of becoming.
"It's pretty weird how they make us sing the company song each morning at our desk like the pledge of allegiance," said Bill P. of Topeka, Kansas, a 20-year veteran of a major American accounting firm who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.
"Barnard repeatedly preached to her that he represented Christ in the flesh, that Jesus Christ had Mary Magdalene and other
5. Avoidance of strangers and unbelievers One example is their vicious opposition toward anything that could possibly be
The Westboro Baptist Church expresses their beliefs through parodies of traditional carols or holiday songs. For its members, Christmas is simply one more example of pagan inspired idolatry, completely lacking in Biblical basis.
The Academy Award nominated and sometimes scandalous actor Joaquin Phoenix is baring it all in the December issue of Playboy - well figuratively speaking.