The Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection highlighted just how widespread the QAnon conspiracy theory is. Now, families across the country are searching for ways to bring their loved ones back to reality.
On this day before the election I am saddened and stunned, as I have been for months, that such a large fraction of Americans
. After some decades, 'new religions' and 'NRM' caught on in higher education and doctorates were granted in the study of
Evolution May Explain the Allure of Donald Trump David Brooks, columnist for the New York Times, is repulsed by Donald Trump
The new documentary "Holy Hell" shows the rise and fall of Buddhafield.
In the search for 'what makes young people vulnerable to radicalization', there are many push pull factors we can consider: home life, culture, politics, religion, criminality, social ills and the very children themselves - what on earth is wrong with them?!
And, unlike my sentiments for cults, I am not bothered by religion. This is why I think The Path is such an important show
Beyond exploiting human desire for emotional comfort, cult leaders don't always have the best intentions when it comes to the mental health of their followers.
The Mount Carmel Center engulfed in flames on April 19, 1993. Credit: Wikimedia Commons By 1978, Jonestown had nearly 900
Victor Barnard is awaiting extradition to the U.S. for multiple sex crimes.