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The former vice president reminisced about "gay bathhouses" and "round-the-clock sex" at the LGBTQ town hall on CNN.
The South Bend, Indiana, mayor and openly gay presidential candidate said he would overhaul FDA rules that ban sexually active gay men from donating blood.
The court's decision in the employment discrimination case is expected by early summer 2020.
Sens. Warren and Harris emerged the clear winners, crushing all the outdated stereotypes about female presidential candidates.
"Stanley Stellar: Here For This Reason" explores the life of the famed photographer as he dared to photograph 40 years of New York City’s ever-changing gay community. (Audio description included.)
Michael Lolis is the first and only cop in the country to publicly come out as gay.
“K-Pop of the human rights movement" strikes a chord in a conservative country.
Lynn Rosenthal, first-ever adviser on violence against women, reflects on her long career fighting for women’s rights.
The “How I Met Your Mother” star has "no interest in being a representative or an ambassador for anything except my kids."
Transgender men and other gender-nonconforming folks get abortions, too. But no one's discussing how the recent abortion bans will affect them.
The novelist drew upon his experience as a journalist and activist to create the sweeping, emotionally resonant novel "Correspondents."
But Andrew Moffat’s inclusive lessons don’t sit well with some angry parents.
Scientist Travis Salway discovered that suicide had surpassed HIV as the leading cause of death for gay and bisexual men in Canada.
"The younger queer generation, whether they’re into kink or not, are able to see it without being horrified, or like their identity is going to be repressed."
The controversial legislation means LGBTQ people can face up to 14 years in prison if convicted of homosexual acts.
The GOP lawmaker, who is Mormon, hopes his story will remind others that "it’s OK to live authentically."
In hindsight, I can see how much my friendships were influenced by my own internalized misogyny.
The former Texas congressman defended his 2020 challenger after he was hassled at a campaign event.