culture club

Whether dark or joyous, there is much to gay culture and in this time of merging, blending, homogenization, it's nice to have two reminders of how fabulous gay culture can be, and how far it has come with so far yet to go.
Jenner does her first Boy George concert in style.
International best-selling singer, songwriter and musician, Melody Gardot, is back with her 4th studio album, Currency of Man.
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Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about the upcoming Culture Club reunion here. There's never a shortage of questions
Singer-songwriter Boy George joins us live to talk all things Culture Club, including their upcoming U.S. reunion tour which kicks off in November.
Boy George weighs in on the institution of marriage and how it applies to gay people -- and explains why he has no interest in taking part in it himself.
If his goal was to get people talking, he certainly did well. In fact, the Culture Club star's injury was completely intentional
Boy George has been turning heads and bending ears for over three decades. We recently caught up with George to chat about