Mayor Bill de Blasio said he hoped it was the last time the city would ever "need" a curfew.
The incident reportedly occurred after curfew, but the curfew order only applies to public places, not private property.
We all want our children to behave well socially and to follow rules in the house and publicly. It's counterintuitive to think if a rule is broken that there isn't an immediate consequence. That's been a parenting approach for eons.
This week's developments are just part of a larger wave of reform in how communities and the justice system view and treat young people, and a growing recognition that some of our past practices and policies were ineffective.
Every day, it seems, criminal justice reform is in the news, and America finally seems to be taking the mass incarceration crisis seriously. Yet this focus has not extended to the progress made and the problems still faced by young people caught up in the justice system.
My team and I interviewed Maci about her startup: challenges, plans to scale, and innovation.
I am still trying to deconstruct why the Ferguson community's outpouring of grief, loss and anger was met with such an impersonal, aggressive and unrelenting show of militarized police use of force uncharacteristic of peacetime policing.
Police cleared Ferguson of protesters hours before a state-imposed curfew was set to take effect, throwing tear gas at individuals who were out in the streets over the death of Michael Brown.
An angry Virginia father allegedly held two teens at gunpoint and shot at their car when they brought his daughter home two
Allison Plamondon possesses the rare ability to captivate audiences with the simplest act. This is one woman who knows how to tell a story with her body.