Curio No. 1204 | Why we vote on Tuesdays Thank god: the 2016 US Presidential Election is finally here. Have you ever wondered
Last week's Curios covered Teddy Roosevelt's link to football, the weird history of habeas corpus, and why people don't like to adopt black cats.
Curio No. 1191 | Don't believe everything you learn in school Back in Curio #730, we debunked the myth that our tongue has
Last week's Curios covered yawn duration, passing kidney stones at amusement parks, and Singapore's ban on chewing gum. PLUS
Last week's Curios covered the history of the PSL, why older siblings are smarter, and how pill color affects effectiveness.
Last week's Curios covered the Million Dollar Homepage, the origin of Auto-Tune, and an Excel mistake with international implications.
So embrace the intermission as best you can. Use it. Know that the new act will begin. Get yourself ready.
Last week's Curios covered the hidden benefits of chewing gum, wheezing Amish, and the first set of identical twin puppies.
And in those moments... when we let go of our stubborn hold on our plan, the unexpected turn of events became another part
Last week's Curios covered illusions to trick your brain, boozy physics thought experiments, and piggy bank etymology.
Last week's Curios covered marmoset students, wasps in figs, and why your genes might be to blame for your ridiculous drunken behavior.
In summary, the passion and persistence of grit motivates and carries us over rough seas like a well-made surfboard. We can think of an absence of effort like a crack in our surfboard that needs repair.
Curio No. 1134 | Too pure water Can water be too pure? There is a longstanding scientific debate whether distilled water
Every day of the year, CEO Justin Kitch writes a quirky fact, known as the Daily Curio, intended to tickle the brains of lifelong learners everywhere. This is a weekly digest.
Curio No. 1121 | Airplane windows Window seat, anybody? Next time you are on a plane, look at one of the windows. You'll
Curio No. 1106 | Kindchenschema Why do we find some things cute, and not others? Biologists have been pondering this question
Curio No. 1101 | Free income for all In Switzerland, there was almost such a thing as a free lunch. Well, not almost. But
Curio No. 1089 | Spreading the debate It's election season in the US, which means it is also debate season. The often content
Curio No. 1088 | Pokemon Go-es to court Catch those Pokémon while you can! Since the Pokémon Go app was released last Wednesday
Curio No. 1077 | Happy Rebildfesten! Happy Fourth of July! The US won't be the only place where you can see fireworks, flags