"Kirstie Alley just became a burned stone here."
"Paddy's milestone" has provided the stones for every single competition at the Olympic Winter Games.
She's got her cute mojo working for Canada's Winter Olympics curling team.
Matt and Becca Hamilton say curling is a mix of shuffleboard, chess, bowling and Swiffering your floor.
Gushue's excitement was mirrored by the sports commentators covering the event, who couldn't stop gushing. The Newfoundland
Learning how to curl with a flat iron can be tricky though and does take time to get used to. It's a technique that most need to practice to get right. In this post, I will show you how to do it and give you some tricks and tips along the way!
How many rejection letters can one person take? They are our version of the torn Achilles before the big game, the participation medals and last place finishes. But still, like that flying tomato boy, we go on.