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“It’s journalism, so everything’s unstable and you kind of roll with it,” said one staffer. “But there was no indication that this sort of thing was coming.”
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The scene took place at the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco in 2009. Gore met with Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and
For eight seasons, I have watched spellbound as Dexter chased down and killed killer after killer. For eight seasons, I have felt the complex tear that is caring for Dexter, really being on his side, but knowing he is a sociopathic killer, fixing for the next plunge of his knife.
Even though most of the people who would have loved Viewpoint with John Fugelsang were never given the chance to watch it, the show gave a voice to topics, opinions and guests not normally heard on shows of this kind.
Revolt TV and Pivot, two new networks that are targeting Millennials as their primary audience, explain how they are going to attract a generation of digital and social media obsessives who are widely regarded as having little if any interest in conventional broadcast or cable TV.
As Mystery Science Theater 3000's TV's Frank, comedian and writer Frank Conniff became possibly the most cuddly mad scientist in history.
Waxman also reported that other executives were also considered, one being former NBC News chief Steve Capus, who left the
For more information on "Joy Behar: Say Anything," visit the show's official website here. In the clip above, the panelists
Al Jazeera has taken a look at the former New York Times building as part of its hunt for a New York headquarters for the
(h/t New York Times) Keith Olbermann is eyeing a return to the network that made him famous, the New York Times reported
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You've had a tough week or two, haven't you? You're doing the talk show rounds to promote your new book, but all the interviewers want to talk about is the degree of hypocrisy with which you sold out to Big Oil, when you sold Current TV to Aljazeera. You need to come out swinging.
He faults what he saw as an obsession with confrontation that contributes to the stalemate we see on the hill. In many ways
Beset with logistical as well as political hurdles, Al Jazeera America will undoubtedly confront a rocky road ahead. If the network decides to raise the bar and provide truly innovative programming, then the network will surely gain some respect.
Lauer noted what many Current staffers had reportedly complained about: that Gore, a fierce advocate for tackling climate
There's a reason why news junkies like myself are excited and anticipating this progress in domestic media. And there's a reason why everyone should take notice.
Looks like someone is hiring. Al Jazeera just posted a list of over 100 job openings on their website for the soon-to-launch
If you work at Fox News, any headline that has both "Al Gore" and "Al Jazeera" in it has to be a good one. So when the former