The swear-filled supercut has been seen millions of times on Twitter.
The disgraced cyclist got "Lance" off to a rousing four-letter start.
I didn’t plan on raising my daughter with the “bad words are OK at home” rule. It just kind of happened.
"There is perhaps one word I should try to cut out of my vernacular."
When I was growing up during the depression in Brooklyn, the verbal or written use of the F-word was practically non-existent
We have all seen the recent headlines about mistreatment of women. Many readers are probably shocked, but for women who have gone through it, this is business as usual. As a retired lawyer who lived through physical and verbal domestic violence, I am appalled by the way the system treats women who are abused.
I've heard people say cussing is a morality issue. It's not. Our daughter is a good person. She is responsible at home. She knows swearing does not make a person bad. Being disrespectful and treating others poorly makes them bad. To us, these issues are separate.
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