curt smith

So what’s so bad about Mike Pence? Just "ask the gays."
"I sort of buried the emotion of 'Mad World' under a whole heap of percussive synth, if you see what I'm saying. For me, it always worked as an up-tempo song. But the way that Michael Andrews and Gary Jules did that is just straight to the jugular, it's just amazing."
"It's a beautiful piano, and it's been a part of my life for the past few years," Changaris told us in an email. "I guess
The World Cup 2010 has finally grabbed my partial attention, and made me upgrade soccer to a position just below American basketball, baseball, football and tennis, but just slightly above curling and ping pong.
You better you bet that The Who will have halftime covered pretty well this Sunday, especially with the great Zak Starkey on drums. So here's a special Sunday playlist to help kickoff some alternative entertainment.
Vin Scully, if he is as decent a man as I think he is, must know that the Dodgers' flight from Brooklyn for 300 acres of central Los Angeles was a shameful maneuver.
Here's musical proof that after we Caucasians give up our historic hold on the presidency -- as well we goddamn should -- there ought to still be some gigs left over for old white guys.
Yes it's the title of my new album, and consequently shameless self-promotion, but it certainly sums up the way I feel today, as a proud Obama supporter.
The sports world remembers Red Barber as the voice of the Reds, then the Dodgers and then the Yankees. I remember him as a friend, a mentor, and something more.