The New York Times walked back its story highlighting current U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley after the State Department said she wasn’t involved in the purchase.
The little 4 year old that wakes me up every morning. Our son keeps everything in perspective and keeps us laughing. What
Rupert Holmes: Well, it's reassuring to know that Phase Three of my Ninety-Year Plan for "The Pina Colada Song" has happened precisely as I planned it. But of course, my life won't be complete until I achieve Phase Four.
Quality Curtain Outlet could not have paid for a better spokesperson than this patron who is seriously into their curtains
Window coverings are a tricky subject. From curtains to valances to shades to blinds, velvet to tulle, discount to luxury, finding the right thing to block out the sun or frame your window is, frankly, kind of a drag.
A recent study has also shown that dangerous bacteria, including MRSA, is also found on doctors' and nurses' uniforms and
Pierce has a resonant baritone-bass that doesn't come as a total surprise after his stints in the one-word-titled musicals Spamalot and Curtains.
To date the Obamas' most noticeable change to their new home outside has been to install a de-luxe swing-set near the President's office. How have past administrations redecorated?