Shoes: Kendall & Kylie Dress: Rue 107 The secret to winter pastels is texture. This bright blush pink DVF coat has tons of
Boxing Punch Bicycles 2 sets 20 reps Of course we worked it out at one of Tribeca's most exclusive secret gyms Tribeca Health
Reverse Lunges Each leg, 3 sets, 20 reps Hip Thrusts 3 sets 20 to 30 reps Learn more from Christian by following him on Instagram
I'm a 36 DDD so not wearing a bra for me is 100% not an option and most strapless bras don't do anything at all for me. Still, I shouldn't have to miss out on all the cold shoulder cuteness. Right? So I decided to just see what happens when I rock a bra with my off the shoulder shirt.
Be careful of who you surround yourself with. If your friends, bf, family, whoever, cannot get in formation around the idea of loving and supporting you, in the words of Bey, eliminate them.
Becca Mccharen, creator of Chromat, a high-end fashion brand that champions inclusivity and body positivity, talks about her latest line and how she’s working to represent all women in fashion.
"Don't wait to lose weight or until your life is just perfect to make changes. Pursue your dreams right now."
Demi Lovato, singer, actress and self-love advocate, wants everyone to love their curves.  The 22-year-old took to Instagram
"We love women’s bodies, whether they are skinny, full, flat, athletic, old, young, black, brown, white," she wrote. "But
Make no mistake: dress codes are increasingly becoming an excuse for sexualizing women and disgracing young girls for the apparent pleasure of those in power. It's bullsh*t.
As my weight increased a little, I stayed unhappily married, thinking I was too fat to be single. My wardrobe reflected my fat armor -- brightly colored clothes, often baggy. My extra pounds were all I saw in the mirror and I let it define me.
2012-05-10-bodyscapes.jpg I like abstracting the human figure in images. No faces, no hands, no feet that tend to work against the abstraction of curves and lines.
It turns out men do prefer curves, UT researchers found -- but usually for casual relationships. Researchers discovered men
It seems that every few weeks, another gorgeous model is called fat, or some very talented actress is asked about her curves -- or lack of them.
You don't need to pay people to tell you what to do (except for us, of course). Living a good life is all about finding balance in what you eat and how you behave. Put your energy in a better place.