As companies vie for the coveted attention of digital-savvy consumers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for new brands
Americans are conflicted over whether Christians like Colorado baker Jack Phillips should have the right to refuse service to queer customers.
The e-commerce giant bans shoppers for violations such as returning items too often, sometimes without telling them what they did wrong.
Here's how to make the dining experience more pleasant for everyone.
When the phone company can't get Cheryl Roy's phone line right, is she owed anything for the hours of wasted time? Question
In my opinion, the customer experience is sorely lacking in businesses and has been trounced by the overwhelming desire for more digital.
There was no communication from Comcast that my account was going to be downgraded, no confirmation email sent to me regarding
When you're on the road this summer, you'll know you're dealing with a reputable company when it offers you something before
Clearly many people turn to the spa industry in hopes of providing their loved ones with a memorable experience. But in the past several years many high-end spas have been plagued with reports of service that is less than stellar.
Because the rise of mobile usage has skyrocketed, the culture of communication has changed, and marketers need to keep up by understanding how their prospective customers prefer to communicate.
What your company offers and the way it operates will make it very easy for some people to work with you, but much harder for others.
Your customer service department is the most important. Here are four ways you can leverage your customer service team to effectively manage customer loyalty, build relationships and turn customers into fans.
Sometimes I ask the question. Other times, I don't ask it outright. But one thing is for sure, everytime I am with a customer, I am listening for the answer to this question: What is keeping you up at night?
Last week, the Internet was a buzz with the recording between Ryan Block, former CEO of Engadget, and the representative from Comcast. Mr. Block and his wife called to terminate their Comcast service.
In the world of coordinated creation of social media stories, there's typically two kinds of success, or ROI, on social campaigns -- Cost Mitigation and Sales Increase.
What most companies don't realize is that businesses don't drive customer trends anymore, customers drive business trends