customer service

The part-time employees, who work remotely and don’t get benefits, say they want “adequate compensation, protection and support.”
The hidden ratings can affect the level of customer service you receive.
"I refuse to waste any more of my time working with corporations to fix their mistakes — or at least, I won’t be doing it for free," the author writes.
Verizon says poor customer service is to blame, not the repeal of net neutrality.
The video provides lessons on how to greet black customers and how to write their names on cups.
"Companies do not have the right to treat you this way," she told HuffPost.
The airline's tone-deaf public relations response to its most recent controversy demonstrates disregard for customers.
There's bad customer service and then there is just bad policy. This is both.
Dragging a paying customer off your plane ― to make way for your employees to fly ― is pretty hard for United to defend. So
Unfortunately, I was one of those frustrated passengers caught in the midst of the recent spring break travel nightmare that
The term “monopoly” gets thrown around a lot by frustrated consumers but never positively and rarely accurately. For example