As President Donald Trump’s travel ban took effect, Americans rushing back from Europe were faced with long lines once they stepped back in the United States.
The outage of passenger processing information caused delays at international airports in New York, Virginia and Los Angeles.
Jessica Nabongo has traveled to 125 countries, and she's experienced the most racism in her home country, the U.S.
Jimmy Kimmel has found a U.S. Customs law that Donald Trump’s sons may have violated, which could lead to massive fines.
First, Mr. Trump's tariff would have to be an ordinary customs duty, because none of the three types of special customs duties
Alright, so funerals and death aren't always a preferred topic of conversation. However, what communities do with their deceased has a lot to say for their culture.
When he returned to Chimayó, he brought a small papier mache doll of Santo Niño (Jesus as a Child). He received permission
"This is what we have to do to protect American agriculture; it's part of our job."
A free trade agreement (FTA) expands economic opportunity in foreign markets for American workers and businesses, while doing the same for their foreign counterparts in our market. The increased trade improves the overall economy of each country. But, in order to avoid unwanted side effects, modern FTAs do more.
Yesterday I was looking over notes from my basic coroner training. One segment was in understanding various cultural practices and traditions about death.