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If You Need A Reason To Celebrate Join Keys the cat in commemorating, well, everything, with an enthusiastic, paws-in-the
Fitz, a Doodle from Seattle. Roxy, a Maltese from Birmingham, Ala. Monkey, a Lhasa Apso from San Francisco. Have a cute pet
Whether it's a whiskered face greeting you at the door or an old dog sleeping by your feet on an airy sunporch, innkeeper animals offer travelers a special kind of domestic happiness.
Mays told UPI he doesn't believe Giggles is qualified. Ewing acknowledged Giggles is no Ein-swine when it comes to solving
Studies that link pet ownership with better health aren't new. Not only do pets decrease blood pressure and feelings of loneliness
Sit Stay Ride is a rollicking, upbeat film that introduces us to the interesting personalities and heartwarming relationships
Seeking a snuggle buddy Cue the ‘Awwwwws’ and high-pitched voices used only for talking to incredibly cute, soft-eared mushes
It only makes sense in a city that's home to more dogs than kids. A rescued Chihuahua mix named Frida spent Tuesday as the
Mondays, amiright? They may not have jobs or schoolwork to attend to, but dogs hate the start of the week just like anyone
Ultimately, the hospital hopes to restore the Hawaiian monk seal population. For now, administrators are optimistic about
8. This retriever, who knows glasses make you look wise. via luginub/Giphy 2.This sloth, who needs naps to get through the