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Mom's reaction: Andrea called it her "favorite card of all time" when she shared the photo on Facebook. "I laughed when I
Authors + Recipients: Jade and her classmate/potential love interest H/T Reddit Has your child drawn or written something
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact HuffPost Parents Today's cute kid note shows that a passive aggressive
Some say letter-writing is a lost art. Santa is not one of those people. We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share
Author: Bennet Bennet's obvious strong suits: Likes cheese, doesn't hesitate to say "I love you," doles out creative compliments
Winnie writes: Winnie also included a drawing of herself using that comeback when two friends tease her while playing tetherball
Translation: Age: 10 Recipient: Charlie's little sister, Zoe (age 5) Title: What I See When I Look At My Sister Has your
Age: 9 Next Cute Kid Note of the Day: 6-Year-Old's Hand-Drawn Dinner Bracket Proves Pizza Is The Perfect Meal Author: Lexi
On the same page: Chloe joins Cute Kid Note alumnae Lucy and Lilly on the front lines of the fight against parental crankiness
Today's Cute Kid Note shows just how amusing a simple pizza run can be. Age: Young enough to think his father's name is "Dad
Author: Reddit user ecost's friend's brother Next Cute Kid Note of the Day: "I Won't Fart On People" Bigger question: How
Seriously, git it together, Shawn. The eight wee wordsmiths below made us realize we missed a valuable lesson back in school
Author: Reddit user lala989's 8-year-old daughter Sibling rivalry? The to-do list includes tasks like "take his money" and
A little girl's letter to Santa in Russian: "I love cats" in Hebrew. A child in Belarus writes to his grandma: "Galinka, I
The letter reads: When a boy named Steven found a driver's license on the street, he didn't throw it away or demand a reward
Drunk According to kids, moms are... Always Fabulous Addicted To Facebook Not Small Born Yesterday via Imgur Completely Wasted