cute kids at weddings

Yes, they may have a mid-aisle tantrum, but the crowd loves a ring bearer and flower girl.   Click here for more from New
Regardless of where you stand on the kids vs. no kids at the wedding debate, you cannot deny the entertainment value these
When attending a wedding, it's important to look your very best. The outfit, accessories and hair should all be on point
The bride said that immediately after her now-husband proposed, Alonzo told his parents that he wanted to DJ at their wedding
Annabelle Earl might just be the most romantic 4-year-old in Brooklyn -- or anywhere, for that matter. Here's why: [h/t NBC
They have better things to do, you know -- like watching Disney Channel in their PJs and rocking out to Yo Gabba Gabba while
You know what they say: When you gotta go, you gotta go. In a video that is making the rounds on the Internet (despite first
When you're tired enough, anything can be a bed. Literally anything, anywhere -- like, say, a table top in a room full of
Last year, we swore up and down we would never watch another "Gangnam Style" wedding dance ever again. But after stumbling