cute kittens

Don't tell these cats that they aren't turtles.
All four kittens are expected to make a full recovery after winding up at a waste transfer station.
The little cat that can't help but flop over is looking for a place to call home.
Sprocket and Gizmo are two sister kittens who have turned their owners' home -- and hearts -- upside down. They never slow down. Never.
I came to love these girls as my own fur kids, and I'd like to think they love me back the same way as their human. Considering all things, I was at the very least an upgrade from their last human pseudo mom, who would get annoyed with them and lock them in the garage.
Orphaned and alone, two unlikely pals brought each other friendship in a time of need.
Before you bring your new cat or kitten into your home, here are nine important things about cat parenthood I wish someone
Contact The Author Malone said she was worried during the first week or so she had Pancake, thinking she may have made the
Photo: Sarah Green Photo: Sarah Green “It looked like a fuzzy play toy,” Hall told local news station WDRB. "I didn't even
Studies that link pet ownership with better health aren't new. Not only do pets decrease blood pressure and feelings of loneliness