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By Cameron Huddleston, Columnist With more than 9,500 stores, CVS has the largest network of pharmacies in the U.S. You can
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For a long time scientists have known that relaxation improves oxygen consumption, respiratory rate, blood pressure and our
Receiving radiation was a lonely experience, she says. "I was in this room, lying down. I was told not to breathe, not to move. They locked the doors behind me. Great big metal doors. I thought, 'I'm alone.' It was the most alone I felt during my whole ordeal with cancer."
In any case, CVS may make up the lost revenue in other ways. It hopes to translate the positive publicity into valuable new
The health and retail giant settled allegations by four California counties and the state's Department of Agriculture that
"We are committed to assuring that our customers receive the pharmacy benefits that are available to them and apologize for
CVS Health could not be reached for comment. In 2003, Alabama attorneys filed a lawsuit on behalf of a stockholder John Lauriello
America's public health challenges -- from the prevalence of diabetes to poor nutrition to air pollution to climate change to the health that cities foster -- require the active participation of business if they are to be overcome.
In 2014, global health organizations like PSI and US drugstores like CVS have more to learn from each other, and maybe more
CVS's decision, which will take effect nationwide in October, is an admirable one, precipitated by the changing role of drugstores: from convenience stores to health care providers that increasingly offer flu shots and treat minor health care needs in walk-in clinics.
I am inspired by CVS and will continue to be a customer. I may even buy their stock.
This past week drugstore chain CVS announced that it will no longer sell tobacco products at its stores. But why stop there? Ever been to a CVS? There are plenty of other products that they sell that should also be taken off the shelves.
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Not only does it speak to principles but it now puts teeth into them by walking away from products that, although certainly lucrative, go against the company's purpose and what it believes is right.
Their forward-looking leaders recognized that, in fact, the biggest risk you can take is not taking risks.