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By Cameron Huddleston, Columnist With more than 9,500 stores, CVS has the largest network of pharmacies in the U.S. You can
Pavini offered this CVS example of combining the CVS ExtraCare program to a coupon: "In their ad, CVS recently featured $4
The pharmacy giant says it wants to help save lives.
In one study, patients recovered from a cardiovascular incident twice as fast following a positive trigger than following
Receiving radiation was a lonely experience, she says. "I was in this room, lying down. I was told not to breathe, not to move. They locked the doors behind me. Great big metal doors. I thought, 'I'm alone.' It was the most alone I felt during my whole ordeal with cancer."
So what is a “moderate” amount of soda to drink? The American Heart Association says that you shouldn’t consume more than
The health and retail giant settled allegations by four California counties and the state's Department of Agriculture that
In fall 2012, before Obamacare went into effect, only 15 percent of insured women got free birth control pills. Today, that
The 48-page opinion from the Alabama Supreme Court affirmed a Jefferson County Circuit Judge's 2013 order certifying the