But this isn't your parent's Riverdale. Adaptations are tricky. They can either go horribly, HORRIBLY wrong or they can be
The star says he's been "fighting pretty heavily" to make it happen, too.
Brace yourself for scatological medical procedures, closet case twink murder witnesses, trans super models, and queer super heroes on this week's Monday Mouth-Off.
Masters of Illusion continued on MyNetworkTV in the 2009-10 season at a time when the newly formed platform was looking to
It feels pretty groundbreaking for me and I feel a sense of pride. I had a general meeting with the heads of casting before I even knew about "Jane The Virgin" months before my audition. I remember sitting in the waiting room and watching on the monitors the trailers of the CW shows airing at that time and thinking to myself "where are the people of color?" "What am I doing here?" "I don't fit this CW mold."
From the first meeting I had with Aline Brosh McKenna, we knew we were going to be creating a musical television show called "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." This is before we even went out to networks to pitch the show.