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Maybe comedy doesn't have to be so mean.
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When Breaking Pointe premiered its second season on July 22nd, the standing ovation came in part with mixed reviews.
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Dance fans loved seeing ballet dancers in a different light than what they see in performance, and wanted more. So now... Breaking Pointe is coming back! What's in store for us balletomanes in Breaking Pointe season two?
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Allison DeBona is one of the seven featured dancers on the series. Here's her look back on Breaking Pointe as we approach the season finale.
Lieberman, the 33-year-old hotelier who was raised in Miami Beach, is the target of much flack surrounding the show. The
Cyrus and Eleanor have a holiday party and everyone gets together to make brains and read the Brain Bible and everyone brings a different food that is made of brains because those are THE RULES!
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Not only does Jacobs questions the authenticity of Kardashian's ample bottom (along with the rest of the world), but she
An effort by the CW network to sell off part of its prime-time schedule appeared to fall apart Thursday in the wake of low
The 4REAL team works hard at matching an artist with a country and community leader in the hopes of spurring a connection between the two parties.