cyber intelligence sharing and protection act

Whether the voices of the people on it are driving administration policy remains up for the debate. What can't be said now is that they're not paying attention to the issues raised. We, the People, should be heard. Now there are new ways to you raise your voice.
The developments are similar to last year's when the House passed CISPA despite a White House veto threat, and the Senate
Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian joins Ahmed to discuss why Internet privacy is so important.
After initially introducing the password privacy measure in 2011, Perlmutter explained in a statement: "This is a very simple
Issa and Chaffetz defended their votes and argued that resurrecting their opposition to SOPA in the debate over CISPA was
"CDT is disappointed that CISPA passed the House in such flawed form and under such a flawed process," the group said in
But as The Hill's Brendan Sasso writes, the amendments still "do not prevent spy agencies, such as the National Security