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If the first 15 years of the 21st century were defined by the so-called Axis of Evil -- the phrase George W. Bush applied to Iraq, Iran, and North Korea for their support of terrorists -- the next 15 years will likely be defined by the Access of Evil, as state and non-state cyberterrorists use technology to bypass our defenses in ways that damage businesses, lives, and nations.
What can we expect from Abu Dhabi that will benefit dialogue and progress on global health? This global reality is reflected
Hagel's remarks came two days after news reports said the Defense Science Board - a committee of civilian experts who advise
In the discussions about cyber threats that continue and expand daily, there is a tendency to lump together all types of threat regardless of where they fall on the spectrum.
The ability to access this data from anywhere in the world and finding meaningful ways to combine it with other sources of data is at the core of the vision for a smarter, more connected and intelligent planet. Yet, the flipside is that these new sources of data and information are perfect targets for fraud and crime.
"Security is core to our mission and safeguarding our customers' information is at the foundation of all we do," a Wells
But Thursday's report marked a more direct tone from U.S. officials who have appeared reluctant at times to blame hacking