Information security has played a significant role in changing the course of government and business in 2016.
There is no evidence that mass spying eradicates terrorism, and mass spying is exactly the antithesis to the democratic freedoms our ancestors fought and won World Wars for.
Blockchain today might be like the internet in 1993: even though most of us don't know what it is, a decade from now you
Companies that operate within these targeted industry sectors are focusing on better employee education and on implementing
With the rise of the modern digital computer, engineers and other cyber experts have tried to add intelligence to machines
Increased connectivity is unlocking new potential for the future of our businesses, communities and way of life.
The U.S.-South Korean military alliance shares goals - and shares costs. The idea that the ROK, and Japan for that matter
For instance, when employees use poor passwords on their files or computers, they make their computers sitting ducks for
To prevent spy software programs from carrying out this nefarious activity, it is imperative to install anti-spy software
If it is new to you, you might just hesitate and wonder what's the catch. For your kids -- digital natives that they are -- nothing new is suspect. It's expected.
The internet has become a valuable resource in the lives of many Americans. We log into the internet for work, school, doctor's visits and more. With such a large web of information and also deception found online it can become relatively easy to become victimized online.
Whilst financial crime threats are growing, companies are still lagging behind when it comes security.
The rise of Cognitive Computing from tech leaders such as IBM Watson alongside advances towards quantum computing will usher
For criminals, the Olympic Games afford a target-rich environment in which a nearly half million visitors from around the world converge in a place already well known for its cyber insecurity.
The numbers are more sobering than surprising. For years now, RAND researchers have documented the growing threat posed by
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8. "How to Kill Your Boss" Topple settles into his new role as a cyber-spy, but hold on to your tequila sunrise: a hangover
What puts you at the greatest risk of being hacked? Is it your operating system, the websites you visit, the up-to-datedness of your anti-virus software? Sure, all of those things matter, but what it really boils down to is this: how complacent are you about cybersecurity?
The FBI is certainly aware of these breaches and their broader implications. Successful and sophisticated investigations
And they raise pressing questions we should consider today as we lay the groundwork for a secure information technology environment