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Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro converged at the Tribeca Film Festival.
In October 2011, Nikki Levy was 34 and had just broken up with her girlfriend. Her life, she says, was "no bueno." Levy, a film and TV producer who most recently worked at Fox, figured her life would be great again if she moved back to her native New York City.
Do You Believe? is another faith based film from the makers of last year's God Is Not Dead. This time however, they have stepped up production values as well as having a much stronger cast.
It's hard to believe that the strong-willed, ass-kicking paralegal Wendy Crowe on FX's Justified was once Cybill's sarcastic, celibate teenage daughter Zoey in the '90s sitcom Cybill.
If you were wondering when Lewis might step into a lead role she can make all her own, director Jen McGowan has the answer.
Now, we'll see exactly what her "screwed up family" is like as Shepherd is slated to appear in Episodes 17 and 18 of the
Long before she played a struggling actress on the TV sitcom "Cybill" and shocked the world with her uncanny portrayal of
Oprah says she understands the fear that a lot of women have about aging. "But I think that I am blessed because not only
It's common courtesy not to speak ill of the dead. Happily, a return to Gore Vidal's sturdy old political drama The Best Man stirs no nasty impulse.
The Best Man depicts a time when presidential conventions were brokered through backroom deals as delegates were swapped for political favors. Today, conventions have become highly scripted coronation ceremonies, just short of political infomercials.
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If Weiner and company keep building on Joan's strengths as a lead character, she may well go down in the cultural record book as a quintessential American female role model.
Do you have any idea about what you would want to play? I think it would be kind of fun to play like a nerd from another
Cybill Shepherd is making her return to television in a role for which she's already familiar. The well-known actress will
If you grew up in the sixties and seventies, one of the seminal moments of your life had to have been the first time you saw the movie The Last Picture Show.
Three Hollywood leading ladies came clean to Oprah Winfrey about the difficulty of aging in Tinseltown, washing off their