The Truth has died after a long illness.
A recent study illustrates this hard reality, finding that apologies from superiors at work aren't effective because we're
"South Park" is not anti-change. It’s anti-doctrine.
Few concepts are more poorly understood or more abused than skepticism. The best example of this abuse is to attribute the moniker of "climate change skeptic" to those who ignore the overwhelming data concerning global warming.
What exactly is the substance of the spirit of our faith? Why do we cling to something as irrational as faith in the face of the rational, visceral reality of so much suffering, corruption, and violence?
Among those potential benefits: Higher levels of compassion, fewer mental health issues, lower blood pressure, a greater
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Cynicism distracts me from my feelings, makes empathy impossible, helping others embarrassing, listening difficult. Nothing really inspires and touches your heart, nothing wakes your childlike curiosity.
You can't wholeheartedly love anything or anyone without accepting the good with the bad. You've gotta love the fights, breakups, tears, and loneliness just as much as you love the candle lit dinners, chance meetings, and roses.
The most surprising, provocative, and inspiring findings from the last year.
I eventually pulled myself out of the burnout spiral and made it my mission to study the illness that almost took me down. As I lecture and train busy professionals in the skills that help build stress resilience and prevent burnout, I hear certain myths about burnout repeatedly. These five myths about burnout need to be busted.
Law schools must begin recognizing the damage that is being caused to interpersonal relationships and our overall society, due to the low EQ levels of those involved in the field of law and make a concerted effort to address this extremely serious problem.
A bad attitude could be costing you money!
Do you think most people are selfish? Do you have difficulty trusting people, even when they treat you with kindness? If so, research shows your attitude may be affecting your income.
“Occupational success and economic prosperity represent important life goals for many people, and promote life satisfaction
I'm here to tell you that growing up the way we did was not a long-term favor or blessed accomplishment. Let me be clear that I don't blame my parents. No, my disdain for nostalgia has more to do with cold, hard facts and unpleasant anecdotes than personal issues.
These, often stereotypical, points of view can be reinforced by disappointing or hurtful experiences we have as adults. Yet