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We are now watching the second botching of a Cyprus rescue in less than a month. The implications cannot be good for Cyprus... and for Europe as a whole.
Wherever they look, Cyprus and its European partners are running out of easy options. Rather than seek additional short-term palliatives, they would be well advised to invert their operational logic.
Unless you're a student of history or are planning a Mediterranean vacation, you may never have given the island of Cyprus much thought. Then suddenly, it dominated the headlines. What does a banking crisis in a small and far-off land mean to you?
After marathon and heated discussions, agreement was reached on a new rescue package for Cyprus. Compared to what had emerged a week earlier, this is a better technical outcome -- both in what it contains and in what is left out.
A Cypriot government spokesman said earlier the president and his team had a "very difficult task to accomplish to save the
* Crisis talks to avert default go down to the wire On Sunday, Anastasiades was locked in talks with Cyprus's partners in
NICOSIA, March 23 (Reuters) - Cyprus has agreed with EU/IMF lenders a 20-percent levy on deposits over 100,000 euros ($130,000
NICOSIA, March 21 (Reuters) - The Cypriot government submitted a bill to parliament on Thursday giving the finance minister
As with other Eurozone economies whose private banks faced insolvency, the Eurozone rescue specialists in Brussels offered a bailout package to save the banks, with strings attached. In the specific case of Cyprus, the terms were especially onerous.
"The Eurogroup thinks it's very important that we should have a fair burden share, and that means a larger contribution from
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"We will consider the issue of restructuring of the loan taking into account our (future) participation in the coordinated
Oh, good. So what happens next? Cypriot parliament is set to vote on the bailout package on Tuesday, and in the meantime
NICOSIA, March 18 (Reuters) - Banks in Cyprus will be shut on Tuesday and Wednesday pending a decision by parliament to approve
Stocks around the world, as well as the euro fell sharply Monday as investors fretted over a plan to tax depositors in Cypriot banks. Joining the conversation is HuffPost Senior Political Economy Reporter Zach Carter.
Parliament has to approve the levy, which calls for a 9.9 percent cut on deposits exceeding 100,000 euros and 6.7 percent
European officials have been at pains to stress that Cyprus is a special case - with terms not applicable to other bailouts
If lawmakers reject the deal, it could send Cyprus into bankruptcy and perhaps push it off the Euro, according to Reuters