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Just when everyone thought the Cypriote banking disaster could not get any worse -- how can it get worse when the government is desperate enough to steal bank depositors' money -- it has suddenly become much worse.
The debacle in Cyprus is far from over, but it's already taught us some very important lessons. We've seen, for example, that the world's financial leaders insist on clinging to the principles of austerity economics even after they've failed over and over again.
NICOSIA, March 25 (Reuters) - Most Cyprus banks will reopen on Tuesday but the Bank of Cyprus and Popular Bank will reopen
Cyprus may have been saved from disaster, but don't be fooled: Europe is still a hot mess. In the middle of the night on
NICOSIA, March 23 (Reuters) - Cyprus has agreed with EU/IMF lenders a 20-percent levy on deposits over 100,000 euros ($130,000
NICOSIA, March 22 (Reuters) - Cyprus adopted legislation on Friday allowing the government to split the island's failing
Dmitry Rybolovlev, a fertilizer magnate with a net worth of $9.1 billion according to Forbes, is better known for being the
NICOSIA, March 21 (Reuters) - The Cypriot government submitted a bill to parliament on Thursday giving the finance minister
The crisis is unprecedented in the history of the divided east Mediterranean island of 1.1 million people, which suffered
"We will consider the issue of restructuring of the loan taking into account our (future) participation in the coordinated
NICOSIA, March 18 (Reuters) - Banks in Cyprus will be shut on Tuesday and Wednesday pending a decision by parliament to approve
Stocks around the world, as well as the euro fell sharply Monday as investors fretted over a plan to tax depositors in Cypriot banks. Joining the conversation is HuffPost Senior Political Economy Reporter Zach Carter.