Cyrus Vance, Jr.

Lawyers for the Trump Organization's CFO are arguing that New York prosecutors targeted Weisselberg as punishment because he wouldn’t flip on the former president.
A Manhattan grand jury filed criminal indictments against the company and its chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, according to The Washington Post.
Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. may be looking at Donald Trump's business as a possible criminal enterprise.
Florida law would let the governor intervene if Manhattan D.A. Cy Vance Jr. seeks to extradite Trump after his investigation into possible banking and tax fraud.
Nearly a decade’s worth of documents have been turned over to the Manhattan district attorney's office.
Decision ends Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s bid to pursue Manafort on 16 felony charges.
Lawyers for District Attorney Cyrus Vance said the “mountainous” public allegations of misconduct could justify a grand jury probe.
Trump is the only modern president who has refused to release his tax returns. Before he was elected, he had promised to do so.
Trump has defied decades of precedent as a presidential candidate by refusing to release tax returns.
"They could indict a sitting president," said Nick Akerman.