cystic fibrosis

Most people have never heard of phage therapy, but I was so desperate, I knew I had to try it.
We learned so much about each other and the power of love throughout my struggles with cystic fibrosis.
May is National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. It’s time to learn about and bring awareness to this devastating disease
So do Mercedes Ibarra and Kikki Eder and for these two who saw marked improvements under ACA, dropping the vote to repeal
As I clench the sides of the sink with my fingers, a flood of past memories surge through my body. A million thoughts run
This life I've been gifted? It's breathtaking. When I think of my life it's truly breathtaking, but it is not the life-stealing
We wish it away while desperately clinging to it -- hoping to grip it tightly within the safety of our entangled fingers. But time is not ours to keep -- it's untamable and the very currency for which we trade to write the story of our unique and beautiful lives.
The greatest of human contentment is found not in the world around us but within ourselves - in a deep self-peace that is reflected within the beauty of truly knowing that we are enough just as we are. Knowing that we truly belong. Knowing that it is the very uniqueness of our journey that gives meaning to every breath we are given.
There's a bit of fear that inhabits every truth that makes up who we are. It's a fear that is shared within every honest breath we give back to the world and undermines the self-assured faith we hold within ourselves.
Current estimates indicate that there are more than 7,000 distinct rare diseases, and that this number increases by about
As CF and its truth steadily chip away at my being, I can't help but reflect over these past several years and the extended and frequent courses of powerful antibiotics.
My nine-year-old granddaughter has cystic fibrosis. Apparently, the nurse at Blue Cross Blue Shield authorized to rule on healthcare coverage appeals doesn't know much about CF. She rejected a letter from the only pediatric CF center in my granddaughter's state justifying her continuing care there.
Inner Strength I try and silence these anxieties and for the most part, I can keep a rational hold of them. But sometimes
We are each stitched together by a stunningly unique beauty, both externally and inwardly. That unique beauty is what makes each of us wonderfully different and truly who we are.